Business Investment Meeting - Pretoria

A shared platform for idea showcase, Connecting with the right audience to announce new products and build momentum for current ideas.

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Welcome to the Business Investment Meeting 2018!

BIM brings startups together to connect with the most amazing changemakers in emerging markets. We encourage startups to be part of the business investment meeting where they will present their startup ideas to investors every year.

The Audience will be a mix of investment-seeking businesses and Investors. The groundbreaking shift concept is a business auction model that allows idea presentations and opportunities for investors to invest in businesses they consider viable.

What we do

We connect stakeholders within key startup ecosystems across the country that are in route to creating the largest business community in emerging markets with the right net worth.

How we do it

Business experts from the financial, trade, and development space are invited to the event to share growth programs and ideas that can help attendees build a viable and investment ready businesses.


Ensuring viable ideas get access to finance, education, and mentorship to build a sustainable business that improves the lives of the people in the country is our priority.

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Event Venue

SammyMarks Conference Centre - 138 Church St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0002(012)


Event Date 02nd July 2018 - Thursday