How to prepare for the Presentation Session (Business Owners)

Presentation is not a new phenomenon to anyone who owns and operates a business. It is, however, not something you get used to but preparation and loads of engagements can make it easier. There are a few pointers that can make you get the best out of the Investment Meeting.

Our assumptions are that everyone seeking investment and support already operates a business and are sure of the type of support or opportunities that would improve operations and aid their business growth. In order to maximise time and avoid fatigue, we have allocated 5 minutes pitch time to all businesses.

We know it is not enough but the longest pitch to the biggest investment deals are less than 5 minutes, hence we believe this would help you to learn to structure your presentation points and summarise your ideas. To make the best of the 5 minutes you would need the following:

  • A deep understanding of your core business
  • An idea of the industry you operate in and your potential competitors
  • Background data of income and the forecast of potential earnings
  • A definite figure of investment required to arrive at a factual figure of Return on Investment
  • The economic benefit of the growth of your business.

To assist with your presentation, you would need a powerpoint document designed that would be projected while presenting.

Download the presentation templates below to customise for your business idea.

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