We connect startups to the right growth networks.

What we do

We connect stakeholders within key startup ecosystems across the country that are in route to creating the largest business community in emerging markets with the right net worth.

How we do it

Business experts from the financial, trade, and development space are invited to the event to share growth programs and ideas that can help attendees build a viable and investment ready businesses.


Ensuring viable ideas get access to finance, education, and mentorship to build a sustainable business that improves the lives of the people in the country is our priority.

BIM is an annual project devoted to encouraging startups and ideas,

Once a year, a group of interesting and insightful entrepreneurs and business investors and analysts gathers for a day experience — with the ultimate goal of business development and the opportunity to gear the curious minds towards groundbreaking moves in an immersive and focused environment.

The project's single-minded focus is on getting results.

The event is used as a hub for collecting data of startups that would probably be the next economy shifters and prioritize them for mentoring, development and networking access to allow them explore their full potentials.

The registration gives attendants access to the business network, a public business development forum for startups.